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July 2018
We are thrilled to have been awarded the Online Safety Mark. Feedback from our assessment highlights:

  • There have been many improvements and developments in online safety. It was a pleasure to read through the application.

  • The online safety education, through the new Health and Well Being curriculum, is well planned and progressive and provides the children with excellent preparation in coping with the online safety risks that they may face.

  • The strong leadership of online safety referred to in the previous Assessor’s Report is still very much evident in the review.

  • The school has carefully considered its infrastructure/device needs. There are now more devices, and children are communicating more, in a secure environment.

  • A number of the development points raised in the previous Assessor Report appear to have been considered and addressed, including the reporting and recording processes with the use of CPOMS, a clear action flow chart and scenario-based staff training.

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